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CrisisArt Festival July 3 - 8, 2016

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"A work of art has value only if tremors of the future run through it..." - Andre Breton 

There is a new and manifest spirit of resistance that is visible around the world. Everywhere people are searching for, and experimenting with, creative means to assert a new social autonomy, outside the control of financial capital. Never has there been a better time, a more important time, for creative artists to join with social activists to give shape to the emerging social struggles.

The first CrisisArt Festival, held in 2011, was very much an experiment. With very little budget and the collaboration of a core team across three countries, we organized 14 performances over the course of 4 days, with participants from 9 different countries. We were both surprised and pleased to find that our participants were passionate about their art and also about the emerging spirit of resistance in the world.

For the second incarnation of the festival we wanted to emphasize the importance of placing performing art in the global context, while simultaneously positing that even art that does not directly address political issues is intertwined with the current world situation. We wanted to create a space which would stand for autonomy for artists in the search for a better way of life. We realized that it would be gravely important to invite not just artists but also activists, social theorists, and those dedicated to change.

In an attempt to emulate the methods that were used in the general assemblies of the Occupy Movement and elsewhere, we have organized our planning team into a horizontal collective, rather than a vertical hierarchy. The members of our CrisisArt Collective, which includes performers, activists, professors, students, and past participants, are scattered all across the globe. While the central core of the collective has been meeting in Arezzo since the close of the last festival, input comes from several continents! All decisions of the collective are made by consensus, with smaller committees working on various facets of creating and running the festival. Our goal has simply been to devise a festival which not only suggests autonomy but also creates it.

From July 3 - 8, performing artists and arts activists converge in Arezzo, Italy for the sixth annual CrisisArt Festival to create, discuss, plan and above all share their visions of their art and the future. We are seeking student artists and emerging professionals in the performing arts from around the world to come together at Villa Godiola in Arezzo, Italy. Participants will have the chance to share their ideas, take part in workshops and perform their original work in front of an audience of peers.

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