The Accademia dell'Arte offers semester-long study abroad programs for undergraduates in theatre, dance and music as well as special winter and summer intensives in various disciplines. In addition the Accademia offers a two and a half year MFA degree program in Physical Theatre.

Those who come to study at the Accademia will combine an intensive Italian language program and academic studies with a semester or 4 weeks (Summer) of high level theatre, music and dance performance training. Our commitment is to approach the notion of artist in a holistic and comprehensive manner, combining rigorous technical training with the aim of achieving an overall synergy of skills that will help to develop students both professionally and personally.

We can assert with complete conviction that the culminating outburst of the theatre in all Europe, in the seventeenth century-Shakespeare in England, Lope and Calderon in Spain, Moliere in France- is a direct outgrowth of the Italian matrix. -- Luigi Pirandello 1867-1936

Accrediting Partner: Hendrix College