About the Accademia dell'Arte

Located in the hills overlooking Arezzo, Italy, the Accademia dell'Arte offers study abroad programs for undergraduates in the performing arts. In addition to semester-long programs in physical theatre, dance and music, the Accademia offers summer and winter intensive programs.
The Accademia also offers a fully accredited two and a half year MFA degree program in Physical Theatre. Students in the MFA program spend time in Arezzo as well as with professional companies across Europe in Berlin, Torino and the Czech Republic. Learn more about the MFA program at dellarte.it

In the nearly ten years since the the Accademia came into being, it has continued to offer innovative approaches to performing arts study abroad programming and to creative opportunities for students, performers, educators, artists and scholars.

Over the years the Accademia has formed strong partnerships with Universities and Colleges throughout the US and Europe. The list of guest artists and craftspeople from around the world who make the Accademia their home, if only for a short while, continues to grow as well as new projects and programs being developed year-round.

A Note from Founding Accademia dell'Arte Director, Scott McGehee

Accademia dell'Arte is conceived as a vibrant community of performing artists, musicians, scholars and students working within an environment dedicated to training, researching and experimenting to realize individual goals and collaborative projects.

The location of the school in Arezzo with its beautiful facilities at Villa Godiola and the proximity of a host of vibrant performing venues, from the Teatro Petrarca–a classical opera house–to the historic piazzas and churches of Tuscany, will enable students to come into close contact with professional actors, directors, musicians, technicians and numerous artists that make up the world of European theatre and performance.

Students will experience a rigorous education that takes place in an atmosphere that encourages individual expression and experimentation. This provides students with the skills and techniques that form the fundamental basis from which excellence and creativity can emerge.

At Accademia dell’Arte we understand that the life of the artist is a lifelong journey and expresses one of the most essential needs of humanity: the need to create. As creativity is a fundamental need in society, we encourage our students to be engaged by creating art that is both for and of the community. Our hopes are that our students will also take in consideration their political and social climate, and that our courses allow them to dream beyond the spiritless rhythms of daily life through their art.

We welcome you both as a student and a collaborator in our community.

Scott McGehee, PhD
Founding Director
For more information on studying abroad at the Accademia dell'Arte please visit Student Life

Accreditation Partner - Hendrix College

The Accademia dell'Arte undergraduate program is fully accredited by Hendrix College. Hendrix shares the Accademia’s commitment to creative artistic exploration and achievement. 
Located in Conway Arkansas, Hendrix College has been an innovator in the field of study abroad with their Odyssey program. Hendrix also regularly receives national recognition for excellence. In 2008 Princeton Review recognized Hendrix in it's list of The Best 366 Colleges. Hendrix College is a member of the Associated Colleges of the South.

Graduate students may participate in undergraduate programs offered by the Accademia but will not be issued credit hours.

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